Circular cultural tourism in BeCULTOUR project defines a sustainable and regenerative cultural tourism model that aims to foster sustainable and equitable regional development implementing a “human-centred” circular economy model through the enhancement of abandoned, underused and less-known cultural and natural resources, enhancement of human capital and human rights, reduction of tourism pressure on over-exploited territories, reduction of wastes and natural resources consumption (energy, water, soil, biodiversity), increase of clean energy and green transport means, recycling and reuse of materials and products, and enhancement of locally based food and craft productions – finally empowering local communities, enhancing ecosystems, enhancing local identity, wellbeing, health and cultural diversity, and enhancing local entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems through cultural tourism.

Join the International Be.CULTOUR Conference

The Horizon 2020 Be.CULTOUR project is organising the International Conference 'Beyond Cultural Tourism: Beautiful, Circular, Human', on 5 - 7 June 2024 in Naples, Italy. The Be.CULTOUR Community will gather in Naples to share the insights and results achieved during more than three years of intensive work to define and implement a European circular cultural tourism model, engaging stakeholders’ innovation networks in 6 pilot heritage sites in less-known and remote areas and 16 mirror innovation ecosystems.

Unveiling the Be.CULTOUR project finale: Stories of Action Plans’ post-project sustainability

The Be.CULTOUR project aims to promote sustainability and circular practices in the cultural tourism sector through the implementation of six Action Plans. These actions focus on various innovation areas and emerging trends identified by the project, with each action targeting different aspects of circular and responsible tourism in remote cultural heritage sites.

Be.CULTOUR peer-learning visit – Policy recommendations on circular cultural tourism

The Be.CULTOUR community gathered in Sciacca, Italy, on 21 -22 September, for the second Be.CULTOUR peer-learning study visit.  The event, organised by ERRIN and hosted by The 5 Senses Open-air Museum of Sciacca, one of the 16 Be.CULTOUR mirror ecosystems, provided an excellent opportunity for 50 participants coming from different countries in Europe to share inputs for the Be.CULTOUR policy recommendations on circular tourism and engage in knowledge-sharing and best-practice discussions.  Be.CULTOUR Mirrors and Pilots representatives had the chance to directly experience the immersive circular cultural tourism concept implemented by The 5 Senses Open

Explore the Charming Cultural Events of North-East Romania this August!

The Be.CULTOUR project continues its celebration of the cultural heritage of North-East Romania with a series of engaging cultural and tourism activities in August. As one of the six pilot heritage sites, this region offers an array of events showcasing its unique natural beauty and cultural traditions, promoting sustainable tourism practices and embracing the circular economy. 

Discover the Flavors and Sounds of Basilicata Region with Exciting Summer Festivals and Culinary Delights

The Be.CULTOUR project invites travellers to explore the cultural treasures of the Basilicata Region this summer. As one of the six pilot heritage sites, Basilicata offers an array of captivating festivals and culinary experiences that celebrate the region's rich heritage while promoting sustainable tourism practices.

Experience the Vibrant Cultural Scene of Region Västra Götaland with Exciting Events and Guided Tours in Forsvik and Rydal

The Be.CULTOUR project invites visitors to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Region Västra Götaland. As one of the project's six pilot heritage sites, this region offers a captivating blend of music, theatre, art, and guided tours that showcase its vibrant cultural scene while promoting sustainable tourism practices.

Discover the Rich Cultural Heritage of North-East Romania with Exciting Events and Workshops

The Be.CULTOUR project, invites travellers to explore the captivating heritage of North-East Romania through a series of engaging cultural and tourism activities. As one of the six pilot heritage sites of the project, North-East Romania offers a treasure trove of natural and socio-cultural resources, fostering sustainable tourism practices and promoting the circular economy.

Be.CULTOUR presents an exciting calendar of cultural and tourism activities in Larnaca, Cyprus, this summer

Larnaca (Cyprus), is proud to present an enchanting lineup of events and activities set to take place in the region this summer. As one of the six pilot heritage sites of the project, Larnaca offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the region's rich cultural heritage while promoting sustainable tourism practices.