Be.CULTOUR stands for

Beyond CULtural TOURism:

heritage innovation networks as drivers of

Europeanisation towards a human-centred

and circular tourism economy”.

It expresses the goal to

move beyond tourism

through a longer-term

human-centred development perspective,

enhancing cultural heritage and landscape values.

The overarching goal of Be.CULTOUR is to co-create and test sustainable human-centred innovations for circular cultural tourism through collaborative innovation networks/methodologies and improved investments strategies.

Targeting deprived, remote, peripheral or deindustrialised areas and cultural landscapes as well as over-exploited areas, local Heritage innovation networks will co-develop a long-term heritage-led development project in the areas involved enhancing inclusive economic growth, communities’ wellbeing and resilience, nature regeneration as well as effective cooperation at cross-border, regional and local level.


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