Innovation Areas

Be.CULTOUR innovation areas reflect potential unique selling points for the territories

Be.CULTOUR innovation areas reflect potential unique selling points for the territories:

In addition to the Innovation Areas highlighted in the pilot territories, Be.CULTOUR Consortium has identified a set of cross-cutting Innovation Areas that will be explored as potentially impact sectors for cultural tourism:

Innovative ways to create an audience for industrial heritage sites as iconic architecture places and “modern cathedrals” telling the history of European flourishing manufacturing. Industrial revolutions have always generated deep cultural changes in society, while they have been also oriented by scientific and cultural evolutions. The types of industries and manufacturing activities in diverse European territories have profoundly influenced local culture and history, for example, coal, mining, textile industries, while they have stimulated the development of arts and design, as in the European Bauhaus, generating iconic architectures and products. European industrial heritage represents a unique testimony of this creativity, while the visit to contemporary innovative craft/production places could be enhanced as ‘real world’ cultural experiences, also stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit and promoting responsible entrepreneurial culture

Pilot: Västra Götaland, Sweden

Explore different forms of alternative travel which aim to discover authentic ‘unusual’, “un-exceptional”, ordinary / ‘daily life’ places, which are not included in conventional cultural tourism itineraries, but can be representative of the authentic, ‘real’ cultural life of places, also discovering particular places in which social and cultural innovation is developed by active local organizations, artists and innovators, turning visitors into ‘temporary residents’. This includes also providing new ways to integrate visitors and residents daily life, promoting for example locals guides and/or unconventional digital guides able to enlighten ‘ordinary’ places through alternative itineraries, creative interpretation and unusual/engaging storytelling.