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March 2022 - Be.CULTOUR Newsletter: get to know the project!

May 2022 - Newsletter special edition: Be.CULTOUR Hackathon call 

June 2022 -  Be.CULTOUR Newsletter June 2022 edition

July 2022 - First funding opportunities edition

September 2022 - Newsletter special edition hackathon - Policy Learning Lab - Study Visit

September 2022 - Second funding opportunities edition

October 2022 - Be.CULTOUR October edition

November 2022 - Third funding opportunities edition

December 2022 -Be.CULTOUR December 2022 edition

January 2023 - Fourth funding opportunities edition

January 2023 - Newsletter special edition on Be.CULTOUR Webinars

March 2023 - Fifth funding opportunities edition

May 2023 - Sixth funding opportunities edition

June 2023 - Be.CULTOUR Newsletter June 2023 edition 

July 2023 - Seventh funding opportunities edition

July 2023 - Newsletter special edition on TRACE project

October 2023 - Newsletter special edition on Breakfast @ Sustainability

October 2023 - Eighth funding opportunities edition

November 2023 - Be.CULTOUR Newsletter November 2023 edition 

April 2024 - Ninth funding opportunities edition 

Be.CULTOUR Newsletter 

Find out the latest news, trends and events of the circular cultural tourism sector