The cultural or natural, tangible or intangible Heritage sites  target of BeCULTOUR project, for which Community-led Action Plans will be developed.

Pilot Heritage Sites’ refers to the six sites included in the BeCULTOUR project as experimental areas to co-develop innovative solutions for circular cultural tourism.

Mirror Heritage Sites’ refers to the twelve sites included in BeCULTOUR project as additional areas in which BeCULTOUR innovative solutions for circular cultural tourism will be possibly transferred and replicated.

Larnaka Interactive Map

The Larnaka Interactive Map is an online, interactive map of Larnaka region. It covers the city and rural and mountainous communities, highlighting all the points of interest. The Larnaka Interactive Map emerged from the Be.CULTOUR workshops and included into the Larnaca Pilot Area Action Plan.

What do the pilots say about the Be.CULTOUR co-creation process?

Voices from the local workshops

Local Workshops constitute a core element of the Be.CULTOUR co-creation process, enabling stakeholders of the Heritage Innovation Networks to meet, exchange and gradually co- develop Action Plans for circular cultural tourism in each Pilot.          
Three Pilots sent us their comments and opinions on the co-creation processes for the Be.CULTOUR Local Action Plans.