This year, the Be.CULTOUR pilot sites shared their traditional ways for celebrating Easter with us, showcasing the unique inherited customs tied to their regions. Let's dive into a few examples of this vivid richness!

In the Basilicata area of Vulture, set amidst natural landscapes and iconic landmarks, the villages of Ripacandida, Rapolla, Atella, Venosa, Maschito, and Rionero staged the Passion of Christ in faithful recreations of the holy scriptures. You can imagine the long history of these practices.

Larnaka's rural areas featured traditional Easter games, enjoyed by all ages, reflecting the continuity of ancient Greek and Byzantine influences. They are typically played in village squares or churchyards on Easter Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, after a feast lunch. These games, like the rope pull competition, are an important vehicle of socialization and collective entertainment and now belong to Cyprus' Intangible Heritage.

Teruel’s "Romper la hora" (Break the hour) tradition begins at midnight on Maundy Thursday. The Mayor of Albalate del Arzobispo waves his white handkerchief, a sign for the drummers of the municipality to start playing a common song. This practice is listed as intangible world heritage by UNESCO. The region’s second tradition, "Comer la Mona de Pascual" gathers friends on Easter Monday for a forest barbecue, looking for an Easter egg hidden in one of the cakes.

Vojvodina's egg coloring tradition expresses the art of dyeing eggs on Good Friday. The first red egg, “the Housekeeper” cannot be missed: it symbolizes family prosperity. Other eggs are decorated with various colors and techniques using natural pigments, flower ornaments, wax drawing and so on. All these eggs are displayed in households and shared among families and friends during the festivities, becoming a cherished symbol of joy.

Thanks to the Be.CULTOUR Pilots for painting a picture of their Easter traditions - a living demonstration of our rich and multifaceted cultural heritage. Let's preserve it and celebrate it for the years to come.