The local stakeholders and innovators participating in BeCULTOUR project activities, located in pilot and mirror heritage sites.
The local network of stakeholders from the public and semi-public, private, academic and civil society sector participating in project activities, contributing to the co-development of BeCULTOUR Community-led Action Plans in Pilot Heritage Sites. These include government agencies, heritage organisations, cultural associations, local businesses that will be directly involved in local Be.CULTOUR activities such as local workshops and international learning labs.

42nd Breakfast at Sustainability’s: Cultural heritage as a driver of circular tourism

What is ‘circular cultural tourism’ and how can it contribute to sustainable regional development in Europe? The next edition of ICLEI’s flagship Breakfast at Sustainability’s series will bring together representatives of EU institutions, cultural experts, regional officers, and tourism stakeholders to discuss the unexplored potential of cultural heritage as a driver of circular tourism.

The Five Senses Open-Air Museum of Sciacca becomes a good practice of the Cultural Heritage in Action Project

Cultural Heritage in Action is a peer-learning scheme financed by the European Union on cultural heritage to support exchanges between large numbers of cities, regions and stakeholders, thus building a broad learning community. 

The project identifies good practices from EU cities and regions and supports the exchange of experience through direct contact between rural, local, regional and national administrations as well as experts (civil society, NGOs, local organisations, urban planners, architects, etc.) during thematic peer-learning visits.

BeCULTOUR Community member Sciacca 5 Senses Open-air Museum received 1st prize of ECTN Awards 2022

On 20 October, the Community Cooperative "Identity and Beauty" - Sciacca 5 Senses Open-air Museum participated, together with 13 European finalists, in the award ceremony of the "European Cultural Tourism Network Awards 2022 - Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism" held in Krk, Croatia.

Meet Destination Makers - Harnessing the potential of circular cultural tourism through targeted branding strategies

Destination Makers is a boutique consulting company active since 2014 with the aim to enhance, promote and motivate destinations through shared paths with local communities and according to the latest market trends, with the aim of generating a real impact on territories.

Call for tender: design and develop a branding strategy for circular cultural tourism destinations in the pilot heritage sites

In the context of the Be.CULTOUR project, ERRIN is opening a call for tender for a contractor to undertake the design and development of strategies for the branding and marketing of circular cultural tourism destinations in the pilot heritage sites in collaboration with local stakeholders and in line with the innovation activities carried out by the heritage co-innovation networks established.