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Term Description
Hackathon A 3-day workshop aiming to engage actors of the 6 Pilot Innovation Ecosystems in developing 18 concept solutions.
Heritage Innovation Network The local stakeholders and innovators participating in BeCULTOUR project activities, located in pilot and mirror heritage sites.
The local network of stakeholders from the public and semi-public, private, academic and civil society sector participating in project activities, contributing to the co-development of BeCULTOUR Community-led Action Plans in Pilot Heritage Sites. These include government agencies, heritage organisations, cultural associations, local businesses that will be directly involved in local Be.CULTOUR activities such as local workshops and international learning labs.
Heritage Site (PHS) ( Pilot / Mirror )

The cultural or natural, tangible or intangible Heritage sites  target of BeCULTOUR project, for which Community-led Action Plans will be developed.

Pilot Heritage Sites’ refers to the six sites included in the BeCULTOUR project as experimental areas to co-develop innovative solutions for circular cultural tourism.

Mirror Heritage Sites’ refers to the twelve sites included in BeCULTOUR project as additional areas in which BeCULTOUR innovative solutions for circular cultural tourism will be possibly transferred and replicated.