Integrated, long-term action plans promoting sustainable and circular cultural tourism in the Pilot Heritage Sites.

What do the pilots say about the Be.CULTOUR co-creation process?

Voices from the local workshops

Local Workshops constitute a core element of the Be.CULTOUR co-creation process, enabling stakeholders of the Heritage Innovation Networks to meet, exchange and gradually co- develop Action Plans for circular cultural tourism in each Pilot.          
Three Pilots sent us their comments and opinions on the co-creation processes for the Be.CULTOUR Local Action Plans.

Cultural synergies: an event with the Culture and Cultural Heritage Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda

On 23 November 2021 the Be.CULTOUR project hosted an event on "cultural synergies" in collaboration with “The Culture and Cultural Heritage Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda”. The webinar explored the similarities between the two initiatives, enhancing the common interest and advantages for local communities and how they can benefit from valorising heritage and culture. The event's main objective was to identify synergies and discuss future collaborations.