Be.CULTOUR hackathon took place between 7-9 September 2022 at ICHEC Brussels Management School. During 3 intensive days, 76 innovators working in 19 teams co-developed their projects as follows:
Day1: Understand their Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site challenges and needs, map the context, and the value chain and empathise with stakeholders;
Day2: Co-develop team inspiration, ideate, prototype & test;
Day3: Co-prototype the feasibility & viability of their innovative circular cultural tourism.


On the last day, the hackathon award ceremony took place. 19 videos were shot by the ICHEC communications department and made available by ERRIN here for a public vote online. In two hours, 2083 votes have been cast! In tandem, 5 parallel juries took place at ICHEC during which each team had the opportunity to pitch its project to high-level expert jurors.

The main award was the 4-month acceleration period offered by ICHEC Brussels Management School to the 19 teams.
Additional awards:

The most voted online solution was: BAČ BY TOUCH from Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site : Bač, Sremski Karlovci and Irig in Vojvodina Region, Serbia. It received 538 votes.
Award: a coaching session on Business Modelling and fundraising and an invitation to a competition on art-tech and culture-tech in Switzerland offered by Scale up
Sensorial heritage experience & Rural co-living experience jury awarded Sensory Bee Nature Trail from Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site : Larnaca rural cultural landscape, Larnaca Region, Cyprus. The prize is: Keynote speech at the European Alliance group Culture thematic seminar, European Committee of the Regions offered by the European Alliance group.
Contemporary meaning of heritage & Spiritual Travel jury awarded Stephen's route site update from Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site: The Route of Stephan the Great and Saint, North-East Romania –Moldova cross-border area. The prize is: Access to the network of the winners of ILUCIDARE Special Prizes offered by H2020 project #ilucidare 
Post cultural tourism & Industrial Heritage Experience jury awarded Forsviks CHAICE
Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site: Forsvik and Rydal Industrial Heritage Sites, Västra Götaland Region, Sweden. The prize is: Attendance at Hostelworld Conference 2023 Including Flight/Hostel Stay/Local Experience offered by Hostelworld Group
Nature as heritage experience & Proximity Travel jury awarded Eco glamping under the stars from Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site: The cultural park of Rio Martin, Teruel province, Aragon region, Spain. The prize is: Keynote speech at the Working group on cultural heritage and tourism offered by ERRIN 

Transformative travel & Remote working experience jury awarded Kalosorisete from
Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site: Larnaca rural cultural landscape, Larnaca Region, Cyprus. The prize is: Keynote speech at Breakfast at Sustainability's (B@S) offered by ICLEI Europe. 

Thanks to all the Be.CULTOUR community for joining the event. You can rewatch the award ceremony here.