Cross-Border Cooperation, known as Interreg A, is part of the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI), whose main objective is to support progress towards “an area of shared prosperity and good neighbourliness” between EU Member States and their neighbours. CBC puts the focus on equal cooperation between NUTS III regions from at least two different Member States lying directly on the borders or adjacent to them. It aims to tackle common challenges identified jointly in the border regions and to exploit the untapped growth potential in border areas, while enhancing the cooperation process for the purposes of the overall harmonious development of the Union.

Assessment and detailed mapping in the 6 pilot countries and regions

Beyond Tourism: Unveiling the Transformative Power of Circular Cultural Experiences

Sustainable cultural tourism has long focused on minimizing the negative impacts of tourism on cultural sites and promoting responsible travel. However, the "beyond tourism" approach recognizes that not only sustainability, but also circularity encompasses more than environmental conservation and economic benefits. It strives to create authentic and immersive experiences that foster mutual understanding. One of the fundamental aspects of "beyond tourism" is the emphasis on cultural immersion and engagement.

Webinars Beyond Cultural Tourism: Milestones and future events

Already four webinars have been held within the Be.CULTOUR community and peer learning programme, and the fifth is just about to come! On June 23rd, from 14:00 to 15:30 pm CEST,  we will talk about challenges and opportunities in Community-led and innovative entrepreneurship for circular cultural tourism. In particular, it will show how the sleeping potential of less-known and peripheral destinations, their cultural assets and local resources, can be exploited by a wise co-management  of communities and stakeholders.

Cultural synergies: an event with the Culture and Cultural Heritage Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda

On 23 November 2021 the Be.CULTOUR project hosted an event on "cultural synergies" in collaboration with “The Culture and Cultural Heritage Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda”. The webinar explored the similarities between the two initiatives, enhancing the common interest and advantages for local communities and how they can benefit from valorising heritage and culture. The event's main objective was to identify synergies and discuss future collaborations.