In the context of the New European Bauhaus Festival, Be.CULTOUR is organizing an event on: "Energy, Beauty, Participation: Cultural Heritage Adaptive Reuse as driver of Circular Regeneration and Sustainable Regional Development".

We live in a period of complex interconnected challenges: ecological, social, cultural and poverty issues, together forming a global geo-political crisis. The search for a localised (or re-territorialised) and circular way of living has thus become urgent. However, this crisis can become productive if it enables us to develop new ideas and tools. The circular and human-centred economic model can allow us to turn challenges into opportunities. It can be applied to territorial regeneration, fostering a paradigm shift in which economic values co-exist and co-evolve with social/human values to form a human-centred and circular strategy for territorial development. Here, cultural heritage has a pivotal role. It contributes to cultural identity, shared values and wellbeing, which are fundamental for avoiding a societal crisis driven by forces of isolation and distrust, and it enhances the beauty and attractiveness of cities and regions. This conference will address these topics through a dialogue with researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and civil society organisations.

Sunday 12 June 18:00: 'Welcome cocktail and study visit'

Monday 13 June 10:00: 'International Conference'

Location: Naples, Italy

Live Streaming is available here: 

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