The aim of this module is to wrap up the results and reflections from the other workshops while paving the way toward the implementation of the local Action Plans.


Problem solving:

What do you need?


Pack your suitcase:

Third Local Workshop


80-90 minutes​​​​​​​


This module is composed of two presentation types: one from a Heritage Site staff member to ensure that all participants are aware of the progress made in previous workshops, the other one-two presentations are from keynote(s).

One keynote speaker is encouraged to highlight the possible links and synergies between the local Action Plan and other local/regional strategies. This linkage ensures the relevance, effectiveness, and long-term sustainability of the Action Plan. The speaker should present on the importance and potential for including diverse and especially underprivileged groups in cultural tourism initiatives. If possible, this
speaker should come from a local NGO working on diversity and inclusion, or from a group that is typically excluded from these types of projects (e.g. children, youth, migrants…)

Ouverture and setting the scene

The facilitator gives an introductory presentation.


The facilitator answers any clarification questions.

Keynote presentations

Keynote speaker(s) deliver their talk. If there are two, they should last 20
minutes each.


Facilitator guides a Q and A


Other than recommended shorter presentation times, little adaptation is needed.

Presentations are made using “share screen” and Q&A occur in virtual plenary.

A tech host can “spotlight” the speaker so that their image is larger.

A conversation assistant should consistently monitor the chat for questions and clarifications.

Note that online attention spans are shorter and a short break may be needed between presentations.