The first module serves as an ice-breaker and community building warm-up.
The aim is first to identify relevant culture and tourism stakeholders in your local ecosystem that can actively contribute to the sustainable change, then involve them directly in the process of defining the actions and strategy to achieve common goals.


Problem definition:

How do you get there?


Plan your trip:

Second Local Workshop


60 minutes​​​​​​​


This is your chance to present what has already been done in the first local workshop.

This can/ should be done by the pilot heritage site representatives, their consultants and their mentors.

Project Presentation:

key aspects and results of the first phase

Present what has been discussed during the first workshop.

Make sure that you don’t jump into topics/details that will be covered in the following Modules.

Where are we now in theprocess?

Keynote Speaker

When inviting a keynote speaker, be careful not to duplicate the topics from the first phase.

She/he should bring additional valuable knowledge necessary for participants to contribute to the next activities, so discuss the content of the presentation in advance and avoid general presentations that are not clearly needed and will not contribute to the co-creation process.

Q&A Session

Depending on the available time, open the floor for a discussion to answer questions and share reflections on the introductory presentations.

Give max 2min for individual inputs and try to alternate between female and
male participants during the sharing of feedback.


Little adaptation is needed. Presentations are made using “share screen” and Q&A occur in virtual plenary.

a tech host can “spotlight” the speaker so that their image is larger.

A conversation assistant should consistently monitor the chat for questions and clarifications. Instantaneous sharing of poll questions and viewing results