A circular financial instrument is based on circular economy finance that is defined as “any type of investment where the investments will be exclusively applied to finance or re-finance, in part or in full, new and /or existing eligible companies or projects in circular economy” (ABN Amro, 2018).

Green Light for the launch of the pilot initiative: "Pledge Fund" Investment Model Be.CULTOUR

Iniziativa Cube S.r.l. is pleased to announce the launch of the pilot initiative for the "Pledge Fund" investment model within Be.CULTOUR. This initiative is part of the European project Be.CULTOUR (GA 101004627), coordinated by the Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences of the National Research Council (Cnr-Ispc), which has been funded by the European Commission. The project aims to promote a circular and human-centered tourism approach, enhancing cultural and landscape heritage.

Webinars Beyond Cultural Tourism: Milestones and future events

Already four webinars have been held within the Be.CULTOUR community and peer learning programme, and the fifth is just about to come! On June 23rd, from 14:00 to 15:30 pm CEST,  we will talk about challenges and opportunities in Community-led and innovative entrepreneurship for circular cultural tourism. In particular, it will show how the sleeping potential of less-known and peripheral destinations, their cultural assets and local resources, can be exploited by a wise co-management  of communities and stakeholders.