The aim of this module is to start drafting Action Plans based on the results of the first and second workshops.


Problem definition:

How do you get there?


Plan your trip:

Second Local Workshop


60 minutes​​​​​​​


Participants are seated in a plenary session while the facilitator introduced the last module and explains the objectives and proposed structure of an Action Plan.

Setting the scene

The facilitator directs participants’ attention to the Action Plan matrix and shares the brainstorming rules before you start: everyone may create an idea that responds to the workshops results, but at this stage, they should already be concrete. Worksheet 2.7.2


Participants generate as many ideas as possible BUT in relation to the challenges, noting them down on the post-its.

Clustering ideas

The facilitator puts post-it on the Action plan matrix poster - clustered according to to challenge or asset (ideally both together).

A final discussion among participants is moderated by the facilitator while summarising the main ideas.


The next steps to engage the local Heritage Innovation Network and codesign the Action Plan are presented by the staff members.


Step 2

Worksheet 2.7.2