Nicosia Tourism Board, Cyprus

The lack of a comprehensive branding among the local cultural industries that would boost Nicosia's tourism.

Region: Nicosia


Type of organisation leading the larger local innovation ecosystem


Non-profit organisation with the mission to enhance and promote the city and peripheral area of Nicosia as a tourist and business destination.

4 main areas:

  • Cultural Tourism,
  • Conferences,
  • Incentive
  • and Business Tourism and Wellness and Sports tourism.

Main challenges related to cultural tourism

Lack of a comprehensive branding among the local cultural industries that would help the stakeholders in this field optimize their product, consequently enhancing Nicosia's tourism product.

Cultural heritage asset description

The Venetian walls of Nicosia

The walls are the longest preserved medieval walls in Europe, and this is quite significant not only for the Cypriot culture heritage but also for European Culture heritage.


Phaneromeni Church was built in 1872 next to an ancient Orthodox nunnery and is the largest church within the walls. The marble mausoleum located east of the church contains the remains of bishops and other clerics executed by the Ottomans in 1821 in reprisals for the beginning of the Greek War of Independence.

Type of cultural heritage


Specific goal related to the selected asset

The aim is to capitalise on the shared Venetian legacy in Europe to:

  • diversify European tourist offer.
  • promote sustainable cultural-tourism approach toward Euro-Mediterranean cultural and natural heritage linked to Venetian routes.
  • contribute to the European Union policy of making Europe a more competitive tourist destination.
  • create business opportunities in the sustainable cultural tourism sector.
  • and, to encourage local authorities and stakeholders to invest in Venetian route-related products.

Europeanisation: linkages between local heritage and European history and culture

Cultural Routes are an important way to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of European tourism. The Venetian influence is very relevant in Euro-Mediterranean countries.

European and international Cultural Heritage recognition(s)

The Venetian walls are a candidate for the Venetian European Cultural Route.

Ongoing projects and best practices

  • In regard to the Sustainable tourism principle of respecting socio-cultural authenticity, NTB takes initiatives to fully sponsor the renovation of historic houses facades in the central area of the historic centre and effectively lobbying towards the pedestrianisation of the area.
  • Currently, NTB concentrates its efforts on developing digital tools and maximise the use of emerging technologies to strengthen visitors’ experiences