This module aims to create a collective mapping of the broader Heritage Innovation Ecosystem and of additional actors that can join the co-design process, providing a better understanding of the next steps for strengthening the Heritage Innovation Ecosystem and a closure of the workshop experience building a positive group dynamic.


Problem exploration:

Who are you traveling with?


Before the first Local Workshop:
Pick the right fellowship


40 minutes


Participants are invited to suggest innovative individuals and organisations at the local (micro), regional (meso) or national (macro) level that could contribute to solving concrete challenges due to their experience, resources, expertise or network. Participants are encouraged to assess the innovation readiness and interconnections between the proposed actors.

Worksheet 1.6.1 (1/1) is distributed to each table and participants are asked to map additional stakeholders that can contribute to addressing the selected challenge from Module 5.

Worksheet 1.6.1 (1/2) is distributed in each
table to help trigger thinking of additional Stakeholders, beyond the usual suspects.

One volunteer from each group presents completed Worksheet 6.1
in plenary, gets feedback and notes additional suggestions.

Final clarifications/questions from the audience.

Participants fill and submit Evaluation Questionnaires (in paper or online) to the hosting team before exiting the venue.

Closing circle:

participants are invited to stand up and form a circle.
They will share one word that captures their take-away feeling/impression from the workshop. A ball can be used to pass the word around, or the word can run in circular order. The only rule is not to repeat the same word.
The documenter captures the words in a Word Cloud (on the display wall or digitally using the projector).


  • Use MIRO

  • Complete the same documentation tasks as the physical version.

  • Instead of a paper survey, an online questionnaire link using EU Survey should be sent to participants, who will immediately fill it out before the final closing.




Step 1

Worksheet 1.6.1 (1/2)

Worksheet 1.6.1 (2/2)