The objective of this module is to spark discussions or new thinking about the real problems and needs in the regions. A time perspective can be included for strategic changes.

The exact definition of what could be a short and a long-term change resulting from the implementation of your Action Plan should be made locally.


Problem definition:

How do you get there?


Plan your trip:

Second Local Workshop


60 minutes​​​​​​​


Top Five is an easy exercise allowing the participants to dive into local challenges and simply wonder what should change,

both soon and in a long-term perspective. Use this exercise to highlight key ideas,

and identify undertakings which will be the foundation of your Action Plan


Participants are divided into pairs while the facilitator distributes the Worksheets and set of green (for the short term) and yellow (long-term perspective) post-its to each table. 

Worksheet 2.5.1

Defining solutions together

Participants pick a challenge, write it on their worksheet and then brainstorm their Top Five actions or business solution ideas - either for the short or long term. The facilitator and table host move between working pairs, consulting ideas and giving feedback.

Exchanging views and ideas

Participants discuss the other groups’ results and ideas, looking at several Top Fives worksheets, moving from table to table.


Participants discussion stimulated by the following questions:

  • What are the most common Top Fives for every time perspective?

  • Is it possible to merge them and have Top Five for the coming years for the whole group?

  • What changed compared to LWS1? Do some ideas stand out?

On the flipcharts, the facilitator tries to group separately the ideas for short-term and long-term actions/solutions and highlight some common directions.

Colour contest!

Count the Post-its in different colours from every couple.

Which colours dominate?

Discuss shortly the time perspective that mostly attracted the participants in terms of your Action Plan.

Reflect on what should be implemented during the project and what after.


  • Worksheets on JAMBOARD and virtual coloured post-its

  • Zoom, plenary + breakout rooms


Method: Top five


Step 1

Worksheet 2.5.1