Online jury

Favourite solution:BAČ BY TOUCH (538 votes)

Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site : Bač, Sremski Karlovci and Irig in Vojvodina Region, Serbia  

Award: A coaching session on Business Modelling and fundraising and an invitation to a competition on art-tech and culture-tech in Switzerland.

Sensorial heritage experience & Rural co-living experience jury

Favourite solution: Sensory Bee Nature Trail

Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site : Larnaca rural cultural landscape, Larnaca Region, Cyprus

Award: Keynote speech at the European Alliance group Culture thematic seminar, European Committee of the Regions

Contemporary meaning of heritage & Spiritual Travel jury

Favourite solution: Stephen's route site update

Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site: The Route of Stephan the Great and Saint, North-East Romania –Moldova cross-border area

Award:  Access to the network of the winners of ILUCIDARE Special Prizes

Post cultural tourism & Industrial Heritage Experience jury

Favourite solution: Forsviks CHAICE

Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site: Forsvik and Rydal Industrial Heritage Sites, Västra Götaland Region, Sweden

Award:  Attendance at Hostelworld Conference 2023! Including Flight/Hostel Stay/Local Experience

Nature as heritage experience & Proximity Travel jury

Favourite solution: Eco glamping under the stars

Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site: The cultural park of Rio Martin, Teruel province, Aragon region, Spain

Award:  Keynote speech at the Working group on cultural heritage and tourism

Transformative travel & Remote working experience jury

Favourite solution: Kalosorisete

Be.CULTOUR Pilot Heritage Site: Larnaca rural cultural landscape, Larnaca Region, Cyprus

Award:  Keynote speech at Breakfast at Sustainability's 






#3 - Fly On Tour Immersivo

#2 - Triple L tourism: Leave, Learn, Live

#1 - Cammino Lucano in Vulture

#13 - FRUŠKING 8x4x4

#19 - The Bison Land’s Heritage

#14 - Cultural overload - Irig road

#12 - Create, Design & Engage

#10 - Forsviks CHAICE

#11 - Prova-Bo long-term rentals

#17 – ECoolTour

#4 - Eco glamping under the stars

#9 - Kalosorisete

#8 - Needle Festivals

#7 - Sensory Bee Nature Trail

#16 - Digital Nomads Platform

#18 - Stephen's route site update

#6 - La chica cabeza de bosque

#5 - AridScape The wide as heritage